Not so impulsive, after all

I am pretty proud of the way Drew and I held back this past weekend. We went to a local furniture store to check out their selection of rocker-recliners because ours is really on its last legs. This particular store has a clearance center (mostly floor models, I imagine) so we went there first. They had some really nice pieces for sale, including some random odds and ends. We even saw some home theater chairs. Not exactly what we were looking for, but nevertheless… Unfortunately, we didn’t have any luck in the rocking chair department. Why are all of these recliners so huge and overstuffed? Blech. When we got our La-Z-Boy (nine or ten years ago), I thought it was enormous. These days it looks tiny compared to the ridiculously large stuff on sale.

We continued to browse around a bit and found a hutch that we loved and a couch that would have been perfect for our living room (especially now that we have the den and the living room is not taking so much abuse). We were probably about five minutes away from buying it when I mentioned that we really don’t need it. Sigh… a hard thing to admit because it was a great price and a lovely piece of furniture. But the truth is that there are other things we’re better off doing first (like paving the driveway). I also exercised some extreme self control in January when I saw a nearly $300 sewing machine on clearance for around $70. It was so, so tempting. But I held back and decided that I’d rather put the money toward a screen door so I can open up the front door in nice weather and let in the breeze.

Damn it. When did I become so responsible?

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