Noooo! It’s Really Winter!

Ugh, I knew it would happen. It is really, really cold out. I’m talking hat-and-gloves cold. Phooey. I was really enjoying the mild winter we’ve been having up to this point, but as I said a couple weeks ago, winter is a long season and there’s plenty of time for the cold and snow. And while we haven’t had much in the way of actual accumulation, there have been some dustings here and there. Luckily, we pretty much escaped the ice storm the other day. Lisanne isn’t that far away from me, but they got hit and lost their power! I did make sure our oil tanks were filled, though. I have this fear of running out of heating oil and not having hot water. For some reason I don’t worry much about heat (I figure worse comes to worse, we all camp out in the living room with the fireplace), but no hot water stresses me out. Weird, huh? Oh well. I’ll deal with the cold as long as there isn’t tons of the white stuff out there. (How long ’til spring? 😉 )

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