No Lobstah For Me :-(

For our anniversary, Drew got us a gift certificate to Lobster Anywhere for one of those packages with the live lobsters that they overnight to you from Maine. We’ve never cooked a lobster before and thought it would be a lot of fun. Well, due to work schedules and children it hasn’t been easy picking out a day where someone can watch the boys so we can get the package and cook up all the goodies. Somehow the stars aligned and tomorrow was supposed to be the day.

Supposed to being the key words here.

The guy from Lobster Anywhere just phoned Drew and the Fed Ex guy never took our package. ::Sob!!!:: But before we got too disappointed, they are going to make good. Because we can’t just pick another day for the live lobsters, he’s going to change our package around and give us two jumbo lobster tails instead of the live crustaceans, and said something about throwing in a dessert as well. So the lobster tails (along with the other goodies already included in the package – stuffed shrimp, bacon-wrapped scallops, and clam chowder) can be frozen. Well, maybe not the chowder. But that’s okay because I’ll be ready to devour that! At any rate, it’s hard to be upset because the guy really felt bad about it. Our new package should come on Thursday, so I’ll be looking forward to checking it all out.

In the meantime, Drew and I will do something else fun — probably get a late lunch somewhere. It’ll all work out, but it’s just so typical of our luck!

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