My New Obsession

I’m not sure if this is best classified as an obsession or as a guilty pleasure, but I am totally addicted to The Jewelry Channel and their drop auctions. The other night while I was finishing getting dinner ready, Drew was channel surfing and came across this shopping channel where the price kept dropping and when time was up, everyone who secured an order got the lowest price. We were compelled, to say the least. It has now replaced CNN as my “just to have something on” channel. Yesterday I attempted to register through the Web site, but kept getting a database error so I think I might have to call. There was a gorgeous diamond and garnet ring on tonight, valued at $500 and it went for $36! I so would have treated myself to that if I’d had my damn PIN! Oh well. Something else will come along, I’m sure! I also find the channel interesting because they have short bits between jewelry segments that show how the gems are mined, or give a bit of history on them (I swear I am now an expert on Mexican fire opals). I’m just fascinated. Love it!

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  1. darn we don’t get that channel on dish network…

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