my future movie directors

Jake and Noah love movies. They love to watch them, and they love to “make” them. They’ve created this fictionalized multi-part set of movies called “Skateboard Heroes” and they’ll start conversations with, “Oh hey – remember the park in Skateboard Heroes 3 when…” It’s cute and all, until they start talking about it to someone who doesn’t understand that it’s something they’ve imagined. Then it creates some confusion. They also like to make Playmobil and Lego movies, with Lego being the preferred choice for casting material.

I fully expect them to dream up a title like Prototype 37C and create some crazy story that involves a science experiment gone awry, a superhero ready to save the day, and a mutant roller coaster that is out to get everyone. Yep. Their stories are hysterical! We have a few on tape, but this summer I’d like to capture a couple more. So you know, someday when one of them is a big-name director I can whip this out at the awards ceremony 😉

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