Must. Get it. Together.

I think that because I know vacation is just a few days away, I am really having a hard time getting my act together. I have to get everyone’s clothes packed and make sure we have everything we’ll need for the trip. I want to put together little “car trip bags” with a few things to keep the boys occupied on the way down. (It’s only a two hour drive, though, so I’m not too worried.) And I want to put together a few learning-oriented projects since Jake will be missing some school next week. And I have today and tomorrow to do it because I’m working on Saturday. And what have I done all morning? Not much. To be fair, though, I did have a nasty headache early on. It wasn’t a migraine or anything, but it was this nasty, random, stabbing pain above my right ear. Some Advil seemed to take care of it, though. I really should get my butt in gear, and get a few things accomplished before lunch!

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  1. Two hours is nothing! haha 🙂 It’s a good idea to put together little bags filled with stuff to keep them occupied. We love our car DVD player! 🙂 I hope that you guys have fun on vacation. Sorry about the headache! That totally sucks! My head is killing me right now.

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