Must Be Nice

The other night there was nothing on TV (what else is new, though) and for whatever reason I found myself sucked into some show about big-budget weddings. This particular bride was a Texan and she and her husband totally had the big, better, more mentality, proudly proclaiming that they do everything bigger in Texas, so their wedding had to follow suit. (Insert eyeroll here… luckily I know enough Texans to know that they don’t all think this way.) At any rate, the wedding was so over-the-top it was almost unreal. They had a $50,000 budget just for wedding flowers alone! Plus a band, a DJ, singers and dancers, and let’s not forget the dramatic helicopter getaway.

Wow. Just… wow. It was certainly an affair to remember. But I’m glad our wedding was a low-key reception. And I think the entire thing cost less that this woman’s wedding gown!

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  1. LaVerna says:

    Sad thing is they will probably be split up in less than a year.People should invest in their marriage not the wedding.Chances are they did alot of that on credit cards.They will be paying for that wedding long after the divorce is final.Sad.

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