Moving on up

Well, we now have the bedframe, headboard, and boxspring for Noah’s “big boy” bed and Drew’s going to get the mattress on Friday. They’re totally excited about sharing a room. I’m a little nervous that they’ll wake each other up, but… enough people have kids who share rooms, so I’m sure it will work itself out.

While we’re moving the boys in together (Noah’s crib is currently in this “sitting area” at the top of the stairs between the two bedrooms), we’re going to be moving our room upstairs too. The two upstairs bedrooms are huge. I mean HUGE. We decided that it’s crazy to have a designated “guest room” when we only have overnight guests once or twice a year. So that will be our room (oooh, and that means we’ll each have our OWN closet!!!). We’re converting the current master on the first floor to a den. (That sounds like such a big project, LOL! All it really entails is moving furniture.) All the boys’ toys will be in there and we’re probably going to get a futon because that will be harder for them to destroy than a couch, and it will also be a place for overnight guests to sleep. We’re working on all the small steps now and planning on doing the “big” move over Labor Day weekend. I’m so excited! I think it’s going to be awesome.

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