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Drew and I have been seriously considering getting rid of satellite TV and just not having any kind of cable service. Most of the time the boys watch movies or videos, and I can always watch episodes of “The Office” online, which I usually do anyway. I am so sick of all the junk on there! This morning I was reading about a new show that is going to be on VH1 called “Celebrity Rehab.” Why??? What is the point of giving celebs who are already neck-deep in substance abuse problems even more publicity. According to Fox News, Dr. Drew (not my Drew — the host of the show) says: “The goal here is to really pull back the curtain on what treatment is. The issue of celebrities going into drug treatment is something that’s in the press every day. Drug treatment is not something that’s easily described in a sentence. You have to literally watch eight episodes to understand the arc of how somebody is treated.”

Of course! You have to literally watch eight episodes of our crappy, exploitive program to get it. I’m sorry, I think it’s wrong. I can’t imagine anyone who is going through addiction treatment wanting it made totally public. But maybe these celebrities are so desperate for attention they’ll take what they can get and that is sad in and of itself. I don’t know. I am beginning to think I am really out of the loop when it comes to popular entertainment these days. [Quietly turns on NPR.]

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  1. I think my husband would kill me if I got rid of satellite – half of the shows he watches are on Speed Channel, Discovery or TLC.

  2. I sorta know what you mean. We don’t watch much TV at our house, but I do usually enjoy it when I do … just my few select shows probably a grand total of 3 hours a week for me personally, maybe less for my husband. We’re just too busy with … y’know … life. But there is something nice about just plopping down and watching the tube (well Tivo, really) and not messing with clicking around the internet and crashing flash applications (ABC seems to do this quite a bit on my computer). And man is there a lot of crap out there if I cared to watch it. Sheeesh.

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