monday musings

  • Gah! I think last week’s insane heat brought a bit of my poison ivy back out. It is nowhere near as bad as it was initially, at least. There are just a couple areas that look suspicious. So yay, I’m smelling like calamine again.
  • I’ve been an eBay fool over the last week, unloading extra stuff including some baby clothes. I wish I knew a place to get mailing bags (not boxes). I’ve ordered clothes online before and had them delivered in thick plastic bags. They must weigh less than boxes. I’ve only seen them advertised in catalogs for wholesale distributors, though.
  • I’m really getting tired of hearing about the Clinton “wedding madness.” Now, don’t get me wrong: I adore Chelsea Clinton. I think she’s intelligent, attractive, and a class act (especially compared to some, ahem, wild first daughters). And I love where I live. I’m thrilled she’s chosen to getting married at  Astor Mansion. It’s a stunning location. But can’t people just leave the girl alone and let her get hitched? Seriously! And as for the people making nasty comments like, “How dare she get married at such a fancy place in these economic times?” — get real. There are mansions all over the Hudson Valley — fancy digs where everyday Joes and Janes tie the knot every weekend. Not to mention that the Clinton wedding will certainly give a quick boost to the local economy. How is that a bad thing?
  • Two weeks of summer camps start today. This week both the boys are enjoying morning camp at the public library, and next week Jake has Cub Scout camp all day. I think everyone is ready for the break.

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  1. Could you get those bags at the post office (like, Priority Mail bags) or from the UPS Store, I wonder?

  2. Funny about Chelsea Clinton, when I saw on the news that she was getting married in Rheinbeck it was kind of neat to know that it was where you lived and I actually knew where it was. 🙂 Not that I really care other than that. 🙂

    As for the bags, have you looked at the USPS store online? I know I’ve bought 1st class postage bags at Staples before. They are handy for mailing clothing for sure.

  3. Carol,

    Send me a reminder email to christineharmon29 at
    and I will check on ebay where I buy polymailers that I use for paperbackswap books which are both paper and hardback. I have also used them for gifts for family and they do hold up nicely. There are more than one size. My computer is running out of juice tonight but I will check tomrorow and let you know!

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