Monday, Monday…

I’m really in a cranky mood today. I’m bummed about our house, I’m bummed because I ate junky food all day yesterday, I’m bummed because it’s super cold out. 🙁 I just keep focussing on the fact that next week at this time we’ll be on vacation, and hopefully not thinking about anything even vaguely related to the real world. I’m also hoping that my MIL will agree to watch the boys on Friday so Drew and I can go on a date night. We have a gift certificate to PF Chang’s that he got for his birthday last year… in April! Yeah, so I think we should get around to using that, huh?

Not much else is new. We had a pretty nice weekend. There was another house showing yesterday, but as usual, there was something about it (this time, it was the way the lot is layed out) that the buyer didn’t like. I’m getting tired of hearing that our house is perfect for someone except for this one thing (whatever that sticking item may be). I’m also at the point where I feel disgusted every time I head up our driveway. I just don’t even want to see the house anymore or deal with it in any way.


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