monday babble

Well, today was back-to-school. Sort of. Due to snow all day yesterday and then overnight, there was a two-hour delay. For Noah that meant no nursery school. So I couldn’t exactly get right back into my routine as I’d hoped. The weather also created another problem. You see, on New Year’s Day I went to start up our Forester and nothing happened. It didn’t start. In fact, the dashboard lights didn’t come on. Nor did the dome light. Nor could we unlock it with the remote. We tried to jump start it and that didn’t work, which lead Drew to believe that it’s a fuse or something. No matter, it out of our realm.

So, Drew called the dealership, who in turn told us to call roadside assistance to have a tow arranged. The weather again is to blame. They were all backed up and we decided to wait until tomorrow and try again. At least it’s under warranty. (It’s a 2009!) So annoying. I also want to look around for insurance quotes to see if we can save a little. When we got our last statement, I thought it seemed a little high.

In other news, today I checked out the new Hobby Lobby down in Poughkeepsie. I guess it is a midwestern chain. It’s similar to A.C. Moore or Michael’s. They had a lot of really nice crafting supplies as well as home decor. The store was huge, though, and I didn’t think the prices were anything special. I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to go there, but it was fun to browse.

Hopefully tomorrow things will be back to the norm. I really want to get the rest of the Christmas decorations down and the kitchen floor is in dire need of a washing, thanks to all the slush and sand. I’ve had enough of winter, I think.


  1. Lisanne says:

    I would be willing to drive to Poughkeepsie for Hobby Lobby! Someone told me there was a rumor about one coming to Hudson, but I don’t know. I prefer HL to Michaels and A.C. Moore. Yes, love their weekly sales!

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