Missing My Blog

Lately I find myself wishing to get back into my blog. Yes, I’ve been posting reviews, but something is still keeping me from just writing freely about my days, my projects, my recipes… I can’t quite figure it out. But I’m jumping back in and we’ll see where it goes!

I’m contemplating a new template. Maybe a change of scenery will be inspiring — it’s just so much work updating everything. Some times I wish I was still on Blogger. It’s much simpler, but if I go back now all my links will be broken and it will just be a huge pain. More aggravation than it’s worth, probably. And I might just be using that as an excuse, if truth be told.

So yeah, I’m just going to try to get back to posting regularly, remembering why I want to do it (for myself, for documenting our days for family, and for sharing fun things online). It is not a popularity contest!

OK, onward! Well, I’m not sure if we had our first frost last night, but it was certainly cold when I was driving to work this morning! 


The temperature actually went down on my way to the library! Crazy! The weather was pretty nice over the weekend, though. It was nice enough on Sunday night to eat dinner outside. I picked up pizza on the way home from grocery shopping and saw that Drew had build a fire in the firepit, so that’s what we did.


Friday night we decided to do one last outdoor movie, and since it was Friday the 13, of course we decided to show… Friday the 13th. Quite a few of Jake’s friends came over and they thought they were pretty wise to what was going on in the movie, cracking jokes at the cheesiness, trying to figure out who was the murderer. Yup, until the final scene on the lake. Oh my word, I was laughing hysterically as these 15 year-old boys literally screamed and jumped out of their seats! And yes, of course, we had to get the hockey mask out.


In keeping with the Halloween vibe, last night I watched another favorite 80s horror movie: C.H.U.D. When we were kids, my brother and I watched it one Saturday afternoon when the USA Network used to have “Commander U.S.A.’s Groovy Movies.” Most of them were cheesy sci-fi/horror. I am sure that is what inspired my love for the genre!


I do love this time of year! Hard to believe October is half-way over, though. Time just zips right by. Also hard to believe that my birthday is next week! It’s kind of snuck up on me. No big plans, though. In fact no plans, LOL! 

Well, I think I’ll finish up this post and head to the bank and grocery store before picking up Laura at her after school program. If you’re still around and reading, drop me a comment so I know I’m not just talking to myself! 😉

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