Microwave Bacon Cooker Review

Microwave Bacon Cooker Review Image You all know that I have a weakness for kitchen gadgets, so when I was sent a microwave bacon cooker to use and review, I couldn’t wait to try it out! I often cook bacon in the microwave, just out of convenience, but one drawback is all the grease that soaks into the paper towels. Let’s face it — it’s really gross. The CrispyClean® Bacon Broiler solves this problem. It does an excellent job of cooking the bacon in the microwave 1) without burning it (a problem I often encounter when nuking bacon the regular way) and 2) by allowing all the grease to drip down to the bottom of the cooker so it’s not in the bacon.

The device was really easy to use. It came with instructions that were simple to follow. You can see all the basic steps in the image here. (By the way, if you want to view the images in details, just click on the mosaic and it will take you to my Flickr stream where you can view the individual photos.) I placed the bacon over the vanes, attatched the lid, lowered it into the cooker, secured the lid, and microwaved the unit for four minutes. The result? Absolutely perfect bacon, ready for my BLT! I think that because the bacon is almost “steamed” it keeps it from burning easily. Yet the result was still crispy! My husband and I were both amazed at how much grease was at the bottom of the container — of course, that was good and meant it wasn’t in the bacon. No other method of cooking that we’ve tried has rendered so much fat out of the bacon. It was pretty impressive.

I really liked this gadget, but I did have one concern. The plastic seemed to be a little “thin” for lack of a better word. I think the product could possibly benefit from a higher grade of plastic. I’m sure that would make it a bit more expensive, but I would be willing to pay for that if it meant higher quality. I’m not saying this was low-quality! Not at all. It’s just that with all that we hear about microwaving food in plastic containers, I’d rather use one that is a bit sturdier.

However, I think that the benefits outweigh this slight negative and this is a brand-new invention, so it might not even be a concern in the future. To my knowledge, it’s the only completely self-contained bacon cooker out there. There’s no grease splattered around the inside of your microwave, the bacon was incredibly tasty, and it was probably better for you than traditional cooking methods. The CrispyClean® Bacon Broiler retails for 14.95 plus $5.00 shipping and handling. Or you can purchase a twin pack for $24.95 plus $5.00 shipping and handling. Visit baconcleanlycooked.com for more info.

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