MFA or MBA or…

Twelve years ago I fully intended that by this point in my life I’d have an MFA in creative writing and ideally be teaching somewhere, or running workshops, or something like that. Obviously that never happened. Things change, life happens and before you know it you’re almost 34, married, with three kids! Funny how that works, LOL. Right now I’m very happy with my little place in the world. I do just enough freelance writing to keep me happy and feel like I’m contributing something to the family income, but at some point I imagine I’ll want to go back to work full-time. Or, at least more part-time that I am now.

So that begs the question… should I consider grad school at some point to put me in a better position? I’m not sure if at this point I really want to go for the MFA. I would like to start taking writing-related classes at some point, but I don’t know if the degree really matters that much anymore. An MBA would be useful, but honestly… I’m not sure it appeals to me. I started wondering if I should look into other online masters programs and discovered Gonzaga University’s Masters in Communication & Leadership Studies. It’s designed for people coming from backgrounds in PR, advertising, media criticism, and other communications-oriented fields. Hey, that’s me!

They also offer a Masters in Organizational Leadership program, which is a good alternative for people interested in Organizational Development programs. The Leadership program actually seems to cover extra material, which give you more options — always a good thing. If I had been working all this time, I think I’d be interested in something like this to help me spring to the next level, whether I wanted to start doing my own consulting work or go after a higher management position. It’s definitely interesting, and to be able to do the coursework at home is a bonus.

Right now I’ll concern myself with the kids’ college funds, but someday if I have the time and money, one of these types of programs would be awfully attractive to me.

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  1. I have been wanting to go back to get my master’s too. It hasn’t happened yet, but I’m hoping to start back once Lucy is a little older.

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