menu plan monday, flying by the seat of my pants edition

menu plan monday

This is one of those weeks where I really should have a menu plan. If I did, it would make my life a zillion times easier. And naturally, I’m stumped. My husband will be in Virgina for three days. My seven-year-old has both a den and a pack meeting for Cub Scouts this week. And my baby is not feeling well and is very needy. I hope I can make it to Saturday!

Well, I’m not making any promises about sticking to my meal plan, but here it is anyway:

Sunday: Pasta and Italian sausage with Drew’s marinara
Monday: Tacos, baked french fries
Tuesday: Make-your-own pizzas
Wednesday: Take-out
Thursday: Quesadillas,  fruit salad
Friday: Chicken piccata, pasta salad, green beans
Saturday: Steak, au gratin potatoes, salad

Not the most inspired menu ever, but good enough and easy enough and that’s all that matters this week.

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