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After a week where I was flying by the seat of my pants, I’m looking forward to a little more structure. I did not create a meal plan last week since for most of the week I wasn’t eating anything besides Jell-O, clear and smooth soups, yogurt, and various other types of mush. Then Jake got sick for much of the week, so there was a lot of quick and easy “no-brainer” kind of meals. He started to feel better over the weekend and Saturday I made a meatloaf, mom-style. That is, no ketchup and no bacon. Until post-college, I didn’t even realize that people did that to meatloaf. No, mom and I make it Italian-style using a mixture of ground beef, ground veal, and ground pork; diced green peppers and onions; Italian spices; and tomato sauce. The boys weren’t exactly thrilled with it, but in order to get to the apple crisp I’d made for dessert, they had to eat their dinner. And they did, however begrudgingly. Last night for a treat we ordered pizza and everyone obviously enjoyed that!

Here’s what I’m thinking about for this week:

Monday: Split pea soup, salad, beer bread
Tuesday: Chicken piccata, pasta salad, steamed squash
Wednesday: Cheese tortellini with ham and peas, arugula salad
Thursday: Turkey burgers, fries, cole slaw
Friday: Chicken fajitas with fresh pico de gallo, black beans and rice
Saturday: Pizza (maybe I’ll try this dough for a change) and wings, salad

I also have a recipe for pumpkin-ginger scones that I’m thinking about making. I’ll let you know if I do and how they turn out!

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2 thoughts on “menu plan monday

  1. jesser

    That all sounds good. I love soup this time of year … and as an added bonus, it’s one thing I can almost always count on Tabby to eat. 😉 I always think I’ll make my own dough, but usually it’s from a can. Some day I’ll get it together. 😛

  2. Lisanne

    Looks yummy. We didn’t have meatloaf very much growing up, but when we did, I think I remember my mom putting some tomato sauce on top. We never did the ketchup thing. My inlaws, on the other hand, LOVE ketchup on meatloaf and enjoy meatloaf sandwiches with ketchup! I have a killer recipe for cornbread-stuffed meatloaf!


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