lovely long weekend

It’s been quite busy over here, so I think the easiest thing to do is summarize it all in bulleted form:

  • Jake had his 2nd grade concert last week and it went very well. He practiced for everyone and did a great job at the show.
  • Drew’s dad and step-mom spent a couple days visiting with us. They live in Miami so we don’t see them often. The boys had so much fun with them and Laura did too. We had some great meals out as well as at home. (I felt like I could have benefited from¬†weight loss supplements, LOL!)
  • Yesterday we spent the day with Drew’s mom and aunt. We grilled outside and just relaxed. I’ve been feeling a teeny bit under the weather, so last night Drew took the boys to the drive-in movie theatre to see Shrek 4. They loved it!
  • Today we went to the Memorial Day parade, but Jake marched with the Cub Scouts so that was fun for him. They both came away with tons of candy. At home we just cooked some turkey burgers and took it easy today.
  • I’ve got a busy week ahead. It’s our 9th anniversary and Laura’s 1st birthday.
  • Hope you all are enjoying a beautiful Sunday evening.

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