Long weekend

Yesterday we repopulated our aquarium with five new goldfish. Their names are: Diego* (Noah’s choice), Jack-o-Lantern* and Booster (Jake’s choices), Mother Courage* (Drew’s choice), and Fee* (my choice). They seem pretty happy so far, so that’s good!

I’m still feeling not feeling the greatest. This insane weather can’t be helping. It was in the mid-80s today and so humid! WTF? According to the forecast it’s supposed to cool down as the week goes on. I hope it does. It’s raining out as I type and I’m enjoying that. The sound is so relaxing and hopefully it will break the heat.

Otherwise we didn’t do too much this weekend. I knit a bit, did some shopping, but nothing terribly exciting. After the boys are in bed we’re going to open up a bottle of Cortes de Cima, and I’m looking forward to that! I’ll be writing about for Wine Blogging Wednesday this week. The theme this month is Portugese wines.

Well, time to clean up and then work on getting Jake in bed… Laters.

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  1. love the fish names… hehehe… and enjoy the wine… you deserve it!

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