Lobsters Revolt

Well, perhaps the lobsters didn’t really revolt, but I have to say that I’m a little disappointed with the package from Lobster Anywhere. Earlier this week, I described the little screw up in which our lobster package never made it on the FedEx truck. The guy Drew spoke with at L.A. sounded like he was really going to make good on the error.

Yesterday we received the package. The goods were packaged in a Styrofoam cooler with three large ice packs. Everything was cold, but as I unpacked I thought that it was a darn good thing I was home — I would not have wanted the package sitting on my step for very long! The two lobster tails look really nice, however when I picked up the bag, the zipper wasn’t really working and some liquid spilled out. I zipped it and the other side opened. I have this problem with grapes at the supermarket all the time, but I guess I expected lobster tails to be sealed a little better. The bacon-wrapped scallops were packaged in what I might best describe as a to-go container (like you’d get at a restaurant like Ruby Tuesday’s or Chili’s) — black bottom with the clear, hard plastic top. A corner of the plastic top was broken. It probably happened in shipping, but still. I would have liked my food to be completely sealed. The stuffed shrimp were in a similar container, except it had a foil/paper lid that was starting to peel up. I repackaged everthing for the freezer.

Now, I’m not new to ordering food like this. We’ve ordered through Omaha Steaks before and have been happy with the packaging materials and the way the items themselves were sealed. (They used dry ice and each item — or group of items if it was something like stuffed shrimp — was vacuum sealed.) I can’t lie — I was a bit disappointed with the way all this seafood arrived at my door. And that’s not to mention that a number of other items that were to be included with our original package (napkins, lobster forks, oyster crackers, crackers for the lobster shell, butter, lemons) were not included at all! Drew is going to write an e-mail complaining. I am not one to bitch and moan about service, but I feel that we did not get what we paid for here, especially considering the original mistake of not shipping the package.

I hate being disappointed!

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  1. What a bummer! Yes, definitely let them know how disappointed you are. I hope that it will at least taste yummy. Your description from before has me drooling. MMMmmm!

  2. Bummer!

    I never used to complain about bad service, but in the last year or so I’ve been a real stickler about it. I figure I’m paying good money for their product and it should be up to standard.

    Example, I ordered a $45 birthday cake a couple of months ago and it was smaller than it was supposed to be. I called and asked if they’d given me the wrong size by accident and they said there was only one size. I didn’t have time to take it back to be replaced, so they offered me a *voucher*. I was expecting $5 or $10 at most. They sent $15, so one third of the purchase price. I was impressed.

    I’ve had free product sent for other mishaps, too.

    It really is worth complaining sometimes.

    I hope they take your issues seriously, because more than anything shonkily packed seafood is pretty dangerous!

  3. Yes, definitely be glad you were home when the package arrived! We had one delivered to us once when we were living in Houston. There were several problems with the not the least of which is it was August, hot & humid. We were not expecting the package as it had been sent as a gift and we were out of town when it arrived. When we got home it had sat outside for at least 2 days and smelled to high heaven! It was a huge disappointment.
    You have every right to complain, they didn’t deliver as promised.

  4. OMG. I completely *adore* this blog design. LOVE IT. I’m going to have to bookmark that “Shabby Princess” site. Hey ~ the person who created this blog design is my swap partner for an upcoming swap! hehe 🙂 She’s on my BlogRolling list!

  5. I would be disappointed to, although im not one to complain either . I would just never order again

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