Little things

It’s the little things that can just suddenly change your mood, you know? I was having kind of a rough morning getting’s Jake’s butt in gear for school. He woke up later than usual, so he had less time to play before the whole ritual of breakfast – getting dressing – brushing teeth and hair – etc. While the boys were eating I went upstairs to put my rings on and as I was getting them out of my jewelry box I looked at my wedding ring and peeked at the inside. Drew and I had a special secret code word engraved inside our wedding bands, and sometimes I forget about it. But when I remember to look it always makes me happy 🙂 If you’re married, did you have anything engraved on your wedding bands?

6 thoughts to “Little things”

  1. Awwwwwwww what a sweet post!

    Greg chose the words “Always” and “Forever” for our bands, I have Always in mine. I thought that was sweet of him. We didn’t get them engraved until about 5 years into our marriage though.

  2. We’d planned to get our wedding bands engraved (back when we were members of the engaged couples e-mail group, haha!). But my ring isn’t all that wide, and I don’t think that anything could be engraved inside it. Plus, we just never got it done. How cool that you have a secret word! REALLY sweet post.

  3. We never even thought of something like that – neat!

    Perhaps for our 10th anniversary next year….though Magnus is proud of the fact he’s never once removed his ring since we got married. 🙂

  4. How sweet to have a secret code on your rings!
    My wedding band is really thin, so I’m not able to have any engraving on it. Maybe on an anniversary band some day.

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