let her eat cake!

My little pixie’s first birthday is less than two months away! I planned big parties for both Jake and Noah, but I’m not doing that this time. I’m only inviting the usual cast of immediate relatives. It will make things easier for me, and less overwhelming for Lulu. But I still want to do something special, and lately I’ve been fixated on cakes. I found inspiration in the latest issue of Ladies’ Home Journal (of all places!). I don’t usually read it because it was a substitution subscription when Country Home (sniff…) folded last year and not something I find particularly interesting. But when I thumbed through the recipe section, a couple things caught my eye. First, these simple little cake squares:


Wouldn’t they be just perfect for those tiny, chubby hands to pick up? They make me think of baby blocks. I’d make some lemon flavored and some strawberry flavored, I think. Another bonus: incredibly simple to make.

But then I saw these tiny cakes, too and… goodness, how irresistible are they?


You actually bake the cakes in tin cans (for example, a soup can or an evaporated milk can). They’re a little more elegant than cupcakes. Of course, they’d require more work, too. I can’t decide! What do you think?

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  1. While the mini cakes in tin cans are cute in general, I love the “baby block” look of the little cake squares for a first birthday idea!

  2. Ooo I really like the mini cakes, I would love to have them too for my birthday:D

  3. Those are both adorable!

  4. The little square ones are like our traditional lamingtons here in Australia, although those are sponge cake dipped in very runny chocolate icing then dipped in coconut. An aunt of mine used to make a version called jelly cakes by dipping the sponge squares in liquid (non-set) jelly (Jell-O) and then dipping in coconut. Either way, both versions are delicous!

    Those little cakes are just gorgeous. Who’d have thunk to bake a can in a soup can!?

    Yes, I know it’s been ages since I visited here (or any blog) 🙂

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