laura was here

laura was here

See that? That, my friends, is evidence that our sweet little baby girl has become dead-set on destruction. Although she isn’t walking yet, she’s a super fast crawler and she can open cabinets. She leaves a trail of rubble everywhere she goes: DVD cases, CDs, shredded tissues or newspaper, and (obviously) pantry items — her personal favorite. I’m (almost) ready to give up on trying to keep the house tidy. OK, not really. But I’d kind of forgotten about this phase since Jake and Noah are relatively good about cleaning up after themselves. Hopefully Lulu will learn to emulate her big brothers. And quickly. On a positive note, maybe chasing her all over the house will result in some quick weight loss for me!

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  1. Lisanne says:

    Oh wow … that’s minor compared to what our house has looked like since having children! LOL! 🙂 Lucas got into EVERYTHING. Meredith, not so much ~ she just throws things when she’s done with them (like her sippy cups, plates, food, etc.)!

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