Kindergarten Lunch #1

Kindergarten Lunch #1 While Jake isn’t doing full-days until later this week, I thought I’d have his lunch ready for him in his lunchbox when he gets home from school for the next couple of days. This gives him practice opening the box, and I’ll make sure I don’t pack too much or too little. (Of course he has a lot more time at home than he’ll have at school, so there still might be tweaking.) At any rate, here we have low-fat pizza bites (chicken & pepperoni), baby carrots & baby spinach with Ranch dip), apples with a marachino cherry face, and for dessert, a few animal crackers sprinkled with a bit of candy corn.

8 Replies to “Kindergarten Lunch #1”

  1. Tristan says: “I like that lunch!”

    Alyssa says: “I don’t.”

    Can you guess who my picky eater is and who is my good eater?

  2. By the way, I think it looks GREAT!

  3. That is CUTE! Is that a laptop lunch box?

  4. I love Bentos! I have one, but I never use it. I should start, because yours looks so good! You’ve inspired me! 🙂

  5. How did the pizza bites go over? I am always looking for options for Bunny’s lunch. He won’t eat room temp pizza, but I wonder if he would eat the bites?

  6. Very nice. I especially like the candy corn. Now I want some. Hehe.

  7. Wow, that looks so nice! Just looking at it makes me hungry!

  8. My only question is does the face stay in place with the typical handling of a lunch box?

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