Kind of exciting!

Since we’re not going anywhere in the near future now that we’ve decided to not relist our house, we are seriously considering finishing off our basement. It will actually be a relatively painless job because we have Superior Walls and the way it’s all constructed, basically we just have to put the drywall up, which makes that part easy. Drew went to Lowe’s and started pricing everything and looked at the materials to put up a dropped ceiling, as well. While we were discussing this project he mentioned how glad he was that when we first moved in, he took the time to run the phone, DirecTV, and Cat5e cables up right away to wherever we thought we may, at some point, need them.

But that’s not the exciting part. And really, the exciting part is just a maybe, but I would be super excited if it does work out. Drew’s mom has a piano. (See where this is going?) There is a chance we might be getting this piano, provided we have it moved. Let me tell you — if it all works out, we are going to have one sweet game room in the basement: bar, pool table (or air hockey table — I’m kind of pulling for air hockey because I think it would get played more), and piano. Everyone will want to come over and hang out at our house!

The the question becomes… do I allow Drew to teach me piano? He tried to teach me how to play guitar, and that didn’t pan out so well, LOL. At any rate, nothing is certain yet. But we shall see!


  1. Shannon O. says:

    lol… I vote for air hockey too… and I tried to get Jeremy to teach me how to play chess… and well we ended up not talking to each other for about 4 hours lol… just have Drew teach the boys lol…

  2. Christina says:

    Your plans for the basement sound awesome. That’s what I’d like to do if we ever own a house. I say give piano lessons from Drew a try. I tried learning the guitar and I gave up, too.

  3. Lisanne says:

    How awesome that you might be able to have a piano in your new rec room! That rocks! I played the piano for a *long* time … wow, I would *so* love to play yours because I don’t ever have access to a piano, really. Haven’t sat down at one in ages! That would be so much fun! Oh, and of course we’ll want to come over and hang out! hehe 🙂

  4. flygrrl says:

    Fun! I really want a piano in our house someday too. I played for a really long time and want the bug to have lessons someday. Can we come hang out in your basement too? Bummer that you’re not relisting, but it sounds like you’re making the best of the situation!!!

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