Just “Peeping” In

baby birds

Just wanted to say a quick “hello!” This week is kicking my butt. I’m coordinating this year’s library camp, and by the time I get home, make lunch, do my housework, et cetera… well, I’m too tired to do much of anything else, LOL! But it’s fun. The kids are all so sweet and wonderful, but handling 25+ kids is definitely a lot of work. I’ve gotta hand it to you teachers who do this every day!

Anyway, I’m just sharing a picture of the baby birds in my geranium plant! A few weeks ago I went outside to deadhead it and a bird flew out and totally surprised me! I looked a little closer and saw this:

bird eggs

Now they’ve hatched and they’re all squished up cozy in their nest. So cute!!! Our cat Margo is obsessed and sits by the window constantly, watching for the birds. (Don’t worry, she’s an indoor cat — the birdies are safe!)

Well, time to get dressed and get going! Have a lovely day!

2 Replies to “Just “Peeping” In”

  1. Now those are adorable baby birds and even the eggs before they hatch, just beautiful 🙂

    Good luck with the camp, you are one brave woman to take on all those kids, I think I would have lost my voice by now lol

  2. Oh wow… 25 kids is a lot of work. Good luck with camp! We had a bird eggs in a flower planter last year and kept watch until they hatched. They weren’t so cute when they hatched but once they got feathers they were. 🙂

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