jake’s first communion

Oh, hi! Yeah, I just remembered that I have a blog I haven’t updated in quite a while 😉 Actually, I’ve just not had the time to get around to it. I am sure you can understand. May is a busy month at Chez Carol. It started out with a beautiful Saturday and Jake’s First Communion! Even though it was just family attending the party afterward, I still had invitations made up (oh VistaPrint, how I love thee)!

The children were all adorable, but naturally I think that Jake was the handsomest of all. I still can’t believe how grown-up he looked.


The Mass was nice (though a little long, in my opinion). Also, the choir was a little weird — and it’s not just me who thought that. It was very… um… operatic I guess one might say? I think simpler would have been better, but that’s just how I am. Here’s a photo of D., Jake, and myself:

Jake's First Communion

Jake had been so excited for his big day, and we had a great party at home after. Drew’s aunt made sausage and peppers and I made baked mac & cheese, meatballs, and salad. Mom brought a fruit platter. For dessert we had cream puffs and mini eclairs. I should have taken a photo of the spread! It was all so good. Everyone really seemed to have a great time and we were worn out by day’s end. Although it was a stressful year dealing with all the requirements, everything went so smoothly. I could not have asked for anything more!

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  1. He looks so handsome! Glad it was a special day for him!

  2. Congratulations to Jake! I love that picture of the three of you ~ and his invitation was beautiful!

  3. Oh he is really handsome!!! Congratulations Jake!

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