It’s Not A Timesaver If It’s Gross

So I’ve been eating a lot of salads these days (and if my scale wasn’t lying to me this morning, it’s paying off because I’ve lost about 10 pounds since Christmas). I don’t really like eating boring green salads and I prefer to keep things interesting with various nuts, seeds, cheeses (well, usually feta or chevre), and varying the vegetables I use. But unless I get my act together early in the week and prep everything, I can get lazy about it. So this week I decided to cheat and buy the prebagged salads. Why? Why do I do this to myself? It’s been a long time since I bought them and I remember not really caring much for them then. Why did I think they’d be good now? Because they’re not. They still smell funny, and they still taste kind of funny. I need to just stick to buying the fresh organic spring mix, or stick to romaine (and maybe have an excuse to get a new salad spinner).

4 thoughts on “It’s Not A Timesaver If It’s Gross

  1. Liz

    I hear you. I bought some bagged mix the other day and was psyched by how fresh and good it looked. Reason being is I’ve had awful luck finding a decent head of anything-but-iceberg at any supermarket lately. I know it’s the time of year but still. Plus, the bagged stuff goes bad instantly and I can’t ever eat it fast enough. Bah.

  2. Christina

    The bagged stuff does smell funny. I always wash it again because I don’t trust that triple washed claim. I do buy the bagged lettuce, though because of the mixture, it is usually on sale, and it seems to be the right portion size for us. We don’t eat a lot of salads at home, though, so I don’t buy it very often.

    I went to a wine tasting last night. If you are interested, I wrote up the notes I took on the different varieties on my food blog.

  3. Mike

    Another fact about bagged salad is they wash it with salt water to act as a preservative. Well this is okay but the salt does get into the product and if you have high blood pressure you are added unwanted salt to your diet.

  4. Lisanne

    I think that it smells funny, too! I’m glad that I’m not the only person who has noticed that! Our grocery stores tend to only have regular iceberg heads of lettuce. SO cheap, but I *love* the mixed greens. There’s a place in Indianapolis that has *wonderful* salads; I miss those. 🙁 I’d *love* to have a salad spinner!


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