It Finally Clicked

I know a lot of kids Jake’s age have been writing their name for months now; however Jake’s had a hard time with it. He has amazing vocabulary and conversational skills (and he tested at the top percentile when he went for Kindergarten screening), but writing has not come easy. I’ve been fighting with him over it since last summer. The interest just hasn’t been there. And suddenly, this!

7 thoughts on “It Finally Clicked

  1. Heidi

    Yes, “clicking” is the right word. Alyssa’s preschool director and a good friend of mine who is a reading specialist both have said to me that you can encourage and try to get kids to write, but they won’t really DO it until they are ready. It’s an actual developmental milestone for them. Both reading and writing. Some hit it earlier than others, but it’s not an indicator of intelligence at all!

    Yay for Jake! He’s off…..


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