Interview With A Kindergartener

Jake's first day of Kindergarten Today was Jake’s first day of Kindergarten! He was very excited this morning, and I was a little nervous that he’d be a bit crazy at school. We’ve yet to get the report from the boy himself, but his teacher phoned and apparently it was a difficult first day. It’s a big adjustment from our relatively schedule-less summer to the structure of a classroom day, so hopefully it will get easier for him. Changing direction was an issue with him in preschool (though God forbid his preschool teachers call us – we’re so happy that his Kindergarten teacher got in touch with us before he even got home). Also, apparently there was trouble with another child on the bus ride home. (I don’t have the full story on that yet, though…) Lovely. Hurrah for school, right?

Hopping on the bus Anyway, this is a photo of him getting on the bus (the bus was my number one anxiety about this whole going-to-school thing) in the morning. Of course, I am at work today, so I’ll have to wait to get all the details from Drew. But we want to let Jake have a little bit of time to eat lunch, rest, and regroup. I was so hoping for a great first day of school.

Last, here is a quick interview with him while we were waiting for the bus:

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4 Replies to “Interview With A Kindergartener”

  1. He is so stinkin cute! I am sorry that his day didn’t go as planned. It is so hard sending kids off to school. My oldest started 8th grade and I still wanted to cry when she got on the bus. I hope he has great memories of his first day even if there are a few bad ones mixed in.

  2. He’s such a cutie! It will get better…

  3. he is absolutely cutie. and how was his first day ?? i hope he had fun.

  4. Oh those are darling photos. Wish I could see the video (filters at work block :P)! Congrats on his first day.

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