In Like a Lion

thinking spring...When they say that March comes in like a lion, I always thought they were referring to the weather, but things around here have been non-stop since the beginning of the month! Hopefully life, too, will slow down and the month will wind down “like a lamb.” We started the week with Noah getting sick on Sunday night. Jake had some kind of stomach bug on Friday and poor Noah caught it. Monday Drew was off to Virginia for a couple days for work. Tuesday I ran what seemed like a million errands. I got the results of my glucose screen (which were normal) and was told I’m slightly anemic and I should pick up some iron supplements. Then Wednesday… ugh. I woke up not feeling well but wondered if my stomach pain was somehow due to the iron pills. I thought maybe it was just too much all at once. As the day wore on, however, it was clear that I was getting what the boys had. Meanwhile, Drew was trying to get home from Norfolk and there were massive delays in Philadelphia (where he had a layover), so I was trying to track flight information at the same time. Not so fun.

At any rate, thankfully Drew was able to get home on Wednesday night and just slightly later than his original flight! I was camped out on the couch feeling pretty awful, but I was so glad he was home. Yesterday I woke up feeling better, though still achy and weak so I took it easy most of the day. I had an OB check-up in the morning and that was fine. I was told that I’m actually just borderline anemic, and it will probably correct itself within a few weeks. She gave me the full medical explanation, but I won’t bore you with it! I only have to take the iron pill twice a week for an extra boost, so that’s good.

Last night we went to the Scholastic Book Fair and ice cream social at Jake’s school. He picked out a Goosebumps book which might be slightly above his reading level, but I’m sure if he just takes his time he’ll have no problem. He’s an excellent reader and zips through the chapter books he gets for homework. This one will take him a little longer, but it’s good to learn patience 🙂 Drew also suggested a Phineas and Ferb book that he’ll read to both Jake and Noah at night. Have you ever watched that cartoon? It is so cute! I love Perry the Platypus. Then we all had sundaes and headed home.

Today I’ve been cleaning the house since it’s been neglected all week. Drew’s brother and his girlfriend are visiting us this weekend so I want to make sure there aren’t many dust bunnies hiding out in the corners of our wood flooring, LOL! I’ve hardly done any cooking this week and today is no exception. I made scrambled eggs for lunch and we’ll have tuna melts (my go-to meatless Lenten meal) for dinner. (The boys will probably have mac & cheese since neither like tuna!). Not very exciting, I know.

I’ve been crocheting up a storm! I finished a hat for Drew, some slippers for myself, and a few flowers (photos to come, I promise!). I’m learning, though, that some things (like hats) might be better left for knitting. The hat I made for him is pretty big and not very snug/stretchy. But it’ll be OK. I will be knitting him a snugger watchcap at some point, though.

I’m also very excited to play with my new toy — I finally broke down and ordered a sewing machine last week! Drew and I had a tax refund deal. He purchased some new equipment for his home studio and encouraged me to finally get myself a sewing machine. As a beginning sewer, I didn’t want to shell out a whole lot of money, and I wanted something fairly simple to operate. Thanks to some friends’ suggestions as well as my own research, I decided on the Brother XL-2610. I am really excited about it!

And that’s the haps here. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!


  1. Lisanne says:

    Oh no! I had no idea that *you* got sick, too! Glad to hear that Drew was fine, though ~ especially with his traveling. Hope you’re feeling all better now. I’ve been cleaning like crazy today, too, in preparation for Luke’s birthday party. I should be doing my freelance work, though, because it’s due on Monday! Yikes! 🙁 Hope you have fun with your BIL and his girlfriend. And that sewing machine, of course! 🙂

  2. Shannon says:

    ohhh that is a cool sewing machine… a great one to learn how to sew on… But, I hope you are feeling better- same for the boys… is Jake in 1st grade this year? I totally forget lol… sorry!

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