I’m Melting…

Ew, the humidity today is nasty! Kinda makes me wish an Ice Road Truckers marathon was on. The freezing temps they were dealing with might help me keep things in perspective. I was really glad they brought it back for a second season. Though I don’t find it quite as interesting as last year’s, it’s still enjoyable. When I was watching the new episode on Sunday night (where Alex looked down and missed the sign for Aput and basically got lost), I wondered if it was possible for the drivers to use GPS systems. I wouldn’t think that the extreme cold would interefere, but maybe it does? Seems like it would be a good safety measure in such a desolate area. I have to say that those guys have one job I could never even consider. I squirm in my chair just watching the show — forget about actually being in the truck!

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  1. Your Dishcloth swap pal says: Reply

    I agree about Ice Road Truckers, I could never do that and squirm any time they are on that ice. And some die 🙁

    Your Swap Pal

    Also I am on vacation so I will be sending your dishcloth from North Carolina. I will let you know what day I send it out.

  2. I’ve never seen the show, but I know what it’s about. I just can’t imagine having that as a job. Oh yeah, humidity is bad today. Ick. 🙁

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