After hearing my parents and my brother talk about Iggy’s down in Narragansett, RI, I finally got to experience it for myself this week! Oh boy, do they hook you up with some good eats. Good think I’m not concerned about my weight at the moment or xyphedrine side effects — no, no diet pills here. Especially not when you’re heading down to the ocean for some deep-fried deliciousness! My brother likes to get the Iggy Burger, a special with fried onions and peppers. I decided to get fish and chips, since that’s something I don’t have very often. Look at the size! This was quite the lunch:

iggy's narragansett

My dad got clam strips, which were amazing:

iggy's narragansett

You can see a little bit of the clam chowder he ordered, but I didn’t take a picture of the clam cakes. The chowder was to die for. Laura could not get enough of it. The clam cakes were really good too, but they were more like fritters — doughy and soft. I imagined they’d be more like a crab cake and that was not the case.

We got there shortly after they opened. Our order was 21. Shortly after we dived into our lunch, they were already calling for order 46! Yes, this place is hopping, and apparently the line often stretches down the street. I’d love to go back, but definitely during the off-season, or first thing when they open again. The food was really yummy, but I’m not sure I’d wait in a long line for it, LOL!

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