If We Had the Time…

In the sales flyers over the past couple week, Drew’s been really fascinated by the pool tables. Granted, they’re not super high quality, but they’re pretty inexpensive. I think it was this store called Namco that actually sold an entire gameroom setup – the pool table, pool sticks, poker table, chairs, all for a pretty reasonable cost. If we ever get our butts in gear and clean up the basement, I think it would be fun to turn it into a game room! I know Drew would be all over that idea. Heck, if the pool table was big enough we could even eat Thanksgiving dinner on it! (Don’t laugh — when I was a kid and we had any kind of big family meal at my grandmother’s house (my dad’s mom that is), they’d put plywood over the pool table in the basement and that’s where we’d have our meal. Now, I’m not sure I’d actually go that far, but it cracks me up just a little bit thinking about it.


  1. Sara says:

    That’s exactly what we plan to do with a basement! We already have an arcade machine and a dart board. We want to get a pool table, a pinball machine (maybe) and probably foosball or an air hockey table too!

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