I Missed It *Again*!

Even though I know who won the current season of “Top Chef,” I still want to catch the last episode and I keep missing it. Last night was no exception. I saw that Bravo was running a bunch of the episodes and then I got distracted by something else and forgot to tune in when the last episode re-ran. I’ve really enjoyed this season a lot. One of the reasons was because a woman I worked with at the Dorset Theatre Festival years ago had a cameo on it! Did you see the Second City episode? The girl that read off everything at the end is my friend Amanda! It was really cool seeing her on television. I’ve also enjoyed learning about Chicago restaurants. I was there many years ago, briefly, for a trade show and I’ve always wanted to go back. Someday I’ll be able to pull out the Chicago travel guides and plan a trip, but not now. At any rate, hopefully I’ll see the finale at some point! I’m curious how it all plays out. I’ve avoided reading any Top Chef-related blogs because I don’t want to know all the details, LOL!

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  1. You can catch it all over the next few weeks I’m sure. We watched each week and it plays out the way I thought it would!

    Oh, please change my link to “10 16 64” when you get a chance, thanks! šŸ™‚

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