i guess i’m not a “people person”

I wish we had online grocery ordering in this area. I’m not asking for delivery; I’d go and pick up my bags, but if I could just avoid interacting with the general population, I would enjoy shopping a lot more. Maybe I just need to shop in different stores. I rarely have a problem at Stop & Shop, unless I go on the weekend when all the… well, weekenders… are up here. Then it’s just idiot central. But on a regular day, grocery shopping there moves pretty smoothly. Aldi… ugh. I love the store for their inexpensive baking staples (and their macaroni & cheese — it’s better than “the blue box”), but the store is kind of gross and sometimes the people are sketchy. Plus, I never am sure what I’m going to find there. There are some random items amid the generic cereals and canned goods. It wouldn’t surprise me to see hgh supplements. I also had to go to Shop Rite. Shop Rite has some of the best sales, but the store is poorly laid out and there is a high percentage of slow moving seniors on any given day, at any given time. But I sucked it up for my 99 cent gallon of milk. There’s no way I could have done all this with Laura and not totally lost it. A girl has only so much patience, and grocery shopping sucks it all out of me.


  1. ~zandra~ says:

    Our local store offers online shopping with the option of picking up. But their website is so incredibly frustrating that I’ve never managed to complete the process. It’s slow and poorly laid out. So off to the store I go!

  2. Kelly says:

    I usually shop on my way home from work – alone! I don’t actually mind bring the kids, but I spend more and it’s so different having a 3 and 5-year-old join you rather than a wee munchkin. It’s a necessary evil, I guess.

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