I Can’t Keep My Pants On

So, maybe a month ago or so I bought a new pair of cords. I was super excited to find a style that I liked! I just bought the size I’d been wearing without trying it on because, well, those of you who have clothing shopped with small children understand. Really don’t need to explain. I put them on when I got home and though they were roomy, they definitley fit. Today, being the first really chilly fall morning, was perfect corderoy weather! I couldn’t wait to slide these over my legs. And guess what? They’re too big. Granted, I’m wearing them, but I have to pull them up every five seconds. So it kind of sucks that I have this new pair of pants that want to just fall off my hips. But on the other hand… I have this new pair of pants that want to just fall off my hips!!! The next size down? Single digits, baby. And I wore the “hot jeans” yesterday. So yeah. Of course, I can’t be sure until I actually start purchasing clothes in that size, but still… Pretty happy about that. 😀


  1. Heidi says:

    Wohoo!!! That’s GREAT Carol. I have two pairs of pants (ONLY) and both of them are too big too, but I’m not ready to go and buy more pants until after our Hawaii trip. I’m expecting to lose at least a few pounds while there because I ALWAYS lose weight while in Hawaii (swimming, walking around, digging in the sand, etc). So I want to go shopping when we get back. Granted, with the most recent work situation with Michael, I won’t be able to splurge much, but I at least need a few pairs of pants before we go to Virginia for Thanksgiving.

  2. flygrrl says:

    Congratulations! I might have to pick your brains about that South Beach thing, as ever since the Bug weaned my weight has started creeping up (which has never been a problem in my life!!!)

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