i can because i can

I haven’t done much canning since my sour cherry marathon last month (though we did finish up the last of my blueberry-lime jam… sniff). Blueberries have been pricey this year and my parents told me that theirs did horribly because of the lack of rain last month. So it looks like I won’t be making any blueberry butter as I’d hoped.

Peaches, however, are being advertised at all the pick-your-own orchards around here and they’ve been on sale at the local supermarkets, so I’m thinking of trying my hand at peach butter and some canned peaches. I’ll be eating so many delicious baked goods this winter, thanks to my preserved fruits, that I’ll need to read some pronexin reviews by the spring, no doubt, LOL!

Although we’re in the throes of summer, I’m really starting to look forward to fall. The cooler weather… the apples… fires in the wood stove… the kids back in school. Once apples are ready I plan to go crazy making applesauce, pie filling, and spiced apples. Do you have any canning recipes you can’t wait to try?

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