How to save pyjama bottoms and make something cute

ragamuffin garland

A couple years ago, my brother and sister-in-law (before they were married) went to The Cape and brought back Jake these super cute pyjama bottoms from The Black Dog. Jake loooved these pj pants and wore them all the time. In fact, he wore them out. Somehow he managed to wear the knees so thin that one eventually tore and really it didn’t make sense to sew it up. But because he loved them so much I didn’t throw them away.

The other day I was reading one of my favorite new blogs, Nesting Place, and I saw her post with a how-to for this adorable Ragamuffin Garland. Instantly I knew why I had saved those pj bottoms: to make this garland! So this morning I got down to business and tore up the pants along with an old pair of my jeans, a onesie from when the boys were babies (::sniff!::), some fabric remnants, and ribbon pieces. I tore and tied and tore and tied and attatched a couple clothespins and voila! I had made my very own super cute ragamuffin garland. I ran upstairs to hang it over Jake’s bed:

Ragamuffin garland over Jake's bed

I can’t wait until he comes home from school. I think he’ll get a kick out of it. Plus, he can hang photos or artwork from the clothespins. I am going to make one for Noah and I might also make one for the kitchen. Heck, I might make these everyone I know because they are really easy and totally adorable! (Well, I guess you have to like shabby chic/cottage living type decorating.) Now I’m going to raid all my bags of clothing donations…

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  1. wine? freelance writing? hudson valley? you are so impossibly cool and cultured compared to me. I’m glad that you had fun with your saved pjs! love that quilt too!

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