Hot Enough For Ya?


Yes, I titled this entry like that just to be annoying. Everyone seems to be complaining about the hot weather here in the Northeast. Granted, it is not my favorite, but I think there are more important things to complain about. If the worst you’ve got going on in your life is sweating, well… that ain’t so bad 😉 One thing about the heat though, is that it cooking anything is rather unappealing. Who needs appetite supressants like Phentermine 37.5 mg when it’s too hot to eat? Of course, I don’t really have that problem.

Yesterday morning I decided to use up some spinach from last week’s CSA distribution, along with some low-sodium bacon I had in the fridge and I made a delicious quiche. That along with a simple green salad was a light and delicious lunch yesterday. I think I’ll enjoy the same thing today! Tonight I think I’m going to grill the last two filet mignon steaks we have frozen (and hooray – it’s on sale this week so I can re-stock!), and serve that along with a pasta salad and maybe some shrimp cocktail. I’ll make the pasta salad early before it gets too hot out, and Drew and I will probably have a late dinner, so grilling shouldn’t be too sweltery.

I’m looking forward to picking up our farm share tonight and I’m so curious what there will be! Saturday’s distribution included bok choi and broccoli rabe (both of which I love), and garlic scapes (which I’ve never cooked with and I’m super excited to use – I think they’d be awesome mixed into cream cheese for a bagel spread). I’m hoping Drew will be able to come tonight too so he can check it out.

By the way: isn’t that a gorgeous hydrangea? I could not resist it when I saw it over the weekend. I bought it along with two rose bushes (one pink, one yellow). Now I just need to figure out where I want them! Well, that’s all for now. Have a great day!

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