Hippo Birdie to You!


Today is my sweetie’s birthday! Unfortunately he’s been on conference calls for work all day, but at least quitting time is drawing near.

Instead of a cake, I made sugar-free lemon mousse and blueberry parfaits to enjoy tonight. We’re also indulging in pizza (at least it will be piled high with veggies) and champagne. So very not paleo or low-carb, but what’s a birthday without a little wiggle room? We’ll just get back on track tomorrow. (That’s the best thing about consistently eating a diet full of healthy fats, veggies, and protein — you bounce back from a cheat day pretty quick. Sure beats diet pills. You can find out more here.)

Other than that I don’t know what we’ll do tonight. We might put the finishing touches on his Kickstarter project (Oooh, it’s so exciting! Can’t wait to reveal it!) and watch a movie. I love birthdays — even when they’re not my own 🙂

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