Here’s The Skinny

Ha ha ha! I’m just soooo clever with that title. I think my brain is finally fried because I’ve been writing blog posts all day. Anyway! Just in case anyone is curious about how South Beach is going for me, I thought I’d clue you in as I approach the end of Phase I. Overall, it was incredibly easy to stick to. I cheated a couple times: 1 small piece of Jake’s quesadilla, some ketchup, 1 piece of cake at a party, and 1 cookie. The quesadilla and cake were totally worth cheating; I enjoyed them both. The cookie, surprisingly, did nothing for me. Hello? I am a cookie fiend! I love any and all cookies! But I’m wondering if two weeks’ worth of “clean eating” has made me sensitive to preservatives because my Chips Ahoy oatmeal chocolate chip was not that good. Planning was essential to sticking to this. Week 1 was easy because I really did have everything planned out and lean meats cooked and in the fridge ready for salads or to be reheated. This week was a bit crazier and I wasn’t as well prepared, but I still made it through. So here are the stats:

Pounds lost: 6.5 lbs
Inches lost off hips: 4
Inches lost off waist: 4.5
Inchess lost off bust: 1.5

I consider this a HUGE success! The inches are what make the most difference to me, rather than weight. The other day I was able to wear a pair of pants that I bought at my low weight in April but didn’t even fit me then. This time I put them on with no effort at all! (I’m going to imagine that my “hot jeans” fit again too, since I was wearing those around the time I bought this other pair of pants). I have 8 pounds left to lose until I reach my original goal. If I meet that I’m going to go for five more pounds which would put me down to what I was when I was living in Boston (pre-Drew). It’s attainable if I stay focussed. I’ve gotten back into exercise which has helped too, I’m sure. I’m loving my treadmill again and find myself wanting to do even more, so that’s a good thing too.

Surprisingly, I didn’t miss a lot of the carbs. This week I’ve been dying for a sandwich on whole wheat bread and naturally I have really missed my wine. So glad I get that back tomorrow! I’m going to take it really slow adding this stuff back in and I’m going to continue avoiding junk food obviously. I want to keep up with my exercise program which shouldn’t be a problem because I have a lot more energy since starting this. I know it’s not for everyone, but I’m glad I did it. It gave me the jumpstart that I wanted/needed and I now feel confident that I can meet my goal.

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  1. That is just fantastic, Carol. I can’t believe the weight that you’ve lost! I thought that you looked terrific before, but you have to feel *so* incredibly good about how well you were able to stick with this new eating plan! Congrats on those jeans fitting again! South Beach sounds actually realistic ~ like I might be able to stick with something like that, too. Good for you, using the treadmill! Darn it ~ now I want quesadillas, LOL! šŸ™‚

  2. You go girl! So, what do you do on South Beach if you are mostly vegetarian? Well, even if I go more or less veg again, I will still include fish in my diet, so maybe that’s the trick.

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