Helper Monkey!

Yesterday we ran over to Lowe’s to pick up a few things and as we were headed to the checkout, one of the clerks said to Noah, “Hey – look at the baby over there!” and pointed. I thought that was a little weird — great, a baby. I just want to pay and leave. But oh no, it was not just any baby. It was a lady who was holding a Black Spider Monkey. He was wearing pants and little sweatshirt and was so small. She said she also puts a diaper on him and he has his own room at home, filled with toys. The boys loved the monkey! I, personally, thought that although it was cute, it was a little odd to bring a monkey into a home improvement store, but hey — to each his or her own, right? Drew petted its little head. I kept my distance because I have this irrational fear of monkeys (they kind of creep me out). But it certainly made the day interesting!

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  1. flygrrl says:

    Somehow I knew that the one comment on this post would be from Adam. He’s wanted a helper monkey for ages.

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