Hello Kitty Hat

hello kitty hat

Since Christmastime, my three-year-old has been asking me to make her a Hello Kitty hat. And for whatever reason I’ve put it off. I’m not sure why, because hats are quick and easy to whip up. Last week I finally had the time to hook one up for her, and she could not have been happier!

For the hat itself, I used my favorite hat pattern, which at the moment happens to be the one I used to make Repeat Crafter Me’s owl hat. I find it a little small, and I always need to crochet more rows than the pattern calls for, but it is an excellent base pattern. Laura didn’t want earflaps, and I ended up adding a picot border just to make the hat a little bit longer.

For the nose, I followed the directions on Crochet in Color’s Hello Kitty Hat pattern. I also used her basic ear instructions, but I started with a magic circle, ch2, and then 7 hdc. I didn’t connect the end and beginning, I just made a ch1 and followed the rest of her instructions. When I used her method, I was left with a gap I couldn’t seem to tighten up. Using the magic circle helped with that.

For the eyes, I started with a magic circle (can you tell how much I love that nifty little trick?) and then a ch1, and 10 sc. Then I just sewed it all up.

hello kitty hat

I think the nose could go a little lower, but she’s so happy with it, I am not about to start taking it apart and redoing work needlessly. Too many other projects in the queue!

What are you working on at the moment?

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3 Replies to “Hello Kitty Hat”

  1. I actually just started crocheting last month, so I actually understood all but one thing in this post! I’m finishing up a stuffed lucky cat, an amigurumi doll, and then waiting on new yarn to arrive so I can make a Doctor Who plushie for my oldest child. Eventually I’ll get pics up on my blog. I love the Hello Kitty hat- so cute! As is the model 🙂

    1. That’s awesome! There are so many fun things to make with crochet — glad you are having fun with it. Can’t wait to see pics!

  2. This is adorable. My little girl loves Hello Kitty as well but I have NO talent in this department.

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