Hello, April…

Well, it’s been a while hasn’t it? Truthfully, I haven’t been blogging because it has been sort of a stressful month around here, and I hope it improves soon, but right now I am just trying to keep it all together. My husband has been interviewing for a new job and it’s been a long process. He was told they are putting together an offer (exciting, yes), but the process is really dragging and now I am getting panicky because it is taking so long.

Monday the hiring manager did speak with one of his references and the conversation was incredibly positive and encouraging. So I am trying to focus on that and the fact that she is hiring for a couple other positions as well. But he already put in notice at his current job (I know, I know…), so… yeah. And I guess I just felt it was time to write it all out because I don’t know what else to do.

If it comes through (and there’s no real reason it shouldn’t), it will be an amazing opportunity for him. So if you’re so inclined to say a prayer that this works out, I would sincerely appreciate it.

Other than that, things have been rolling along. Work has been busy in a good way and I recently got a new title (Assistant Library Director and Head of Programming) that fits everything I do a little better. I am happy about that. The kids are all good. Sunday we went to a SUNY college fair so Jake could check out a couple schools. It was at SUNY Albany, so it was kind of fun to go somewhere different.

Honestly, it is hard to believe we are at this stage of life — looking at colleges for our oldest. It feels like my own college days weren’t that long ago! Right now he is listing Psychology as a probable major and mostly looking at schools here in New York at the moment. The next several months will be interesting, that’s for sure!

Spring seems to be taking its sweet time reaching us. The sun is out and it’s sort of warm today. I was at least able to open up the windows and get some fresh air in for a little while. But it’s windy and not as warm as I’d like it to be. (Probably reflective of my mood.)

Well, I should head outside to get L. off the bus then make the boys an early supper before play rehearsal starts. The performances are this weekend and honestly I will be so glad once it’s done. The nightly cast and pit orchestra calls are really starting to wear on me. But they love it, so I suck it up because as moms, that’s what we do, right?
Now that I have all my nonsense off my chest I shouldn’t be away from the blog this long again. Hopefully good news will come soon!

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  1. Jean @sonotorganized.com

    Prayers that it all works out for your husband with his new job (he'll get it!). Congrats on your new title! It does seem strange to be at the college stage with kids doesn't it? My oldest is graduating in May and starting college in the fall. Exciting stuff but it makes me feel kind of old, LOL! Hope you are having a great week!


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