happy saturday


We’ve been enjoying a low-key weekend over here, and it’s been so quiet without the kids around! Last night D. and I used a gift card and finally got around to trying Fireside BBQ for dinner. It was deee-licious! We shared a rib sampler appetizer and D. got a BBQ beef sandwich and I got the tri-tip sandwich with jack cheese, mushrooms and onions. Loved it!

This morning I took my time grocery shopping and then we had lunch at La Puerta Azul (I am addicted to their flautas, I swear). We had planned on doing a little wine shopping, but never got down to the store. It was blocked off by several police cruisers, so I have no idea what was going on. (Perhaps a jewel heist — maybe someone was trying to knock over a store and take diamond and moissanite rings?) So we were a little bummed about that, but neither of us felt like waiting for who-knows-how-long for the road to clear.

We’ve also watched a few movies. We attempted to watch Battle of L.A., but it was so horrible that after 15 minutes I decided I’d rather fold and put away the laundry. Drew didn’t even finish watching it and he doesn’t usually like starting a movie and not finishing it, even if it is terrible. However, we also watched Black Swan and Transsiberian — both of which I liked a lot.

I have to throw together dinner soon, and then maybe I’ll start “Catching Fire” — the second in the Hunger Games trilogy. The kids will all be back tomorrow, so I want to take advange of the quiet while I can 🙂

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