Happy October!

Oh, I just can’t believe it’s October already! I love this month… the mostly cool days, the Indian Summer that always seems to happen in the northeast, pumpkins, Halloween, my birthday (ahem). It’s just a wonderful time of year in the most wonderful part of the country!

Since I’ve got lots of bits and pieces to write about today, I thought I’d join on in with Happy Homemaker Monday, hosted by Sandra at Diary of a SAHM.

The Weather::: It’s currently sunny and 61 degrees. It doesn’t get better than that, if you ask me! Later this week it’s supposed to get up into the mid-70s, and that’s not really anything to complain about either. Before you know it, winter will be here, so I’ll soak up the mild temps while I can.

Right now I am::: Sitting at the kitchen island waiting for the boys to come home from school.

Thinking::: Lots of different things racing through my mind (all good things, incidentally): craft projects, Thanksgiving menu (yes I really am already thinking about it), my “to-do” list for the week…

On my reading pile::: Nothing at the moment, though I am sure my stack will be overflowing soon because I just started working part-time at our local library! I am so super excited about it! I love my library, loved working at a library in high school, and at one point wanted to make it my career. Right now it is very (VERY) part time, but who knows? Anyway, I get to see so many great books come in and out. I’m going to have to start reading faster.

On my tv:::
~ Weeds, Season 7
~ Walking Dead, Season 2
(We don’t have cable or satellite, just Netflix). Neither of these are “wowing” me. Weeds has just gotten dumb, and the inconsistancies in the Walking Dead make me crazy! But they’re still entertaining enough.

On the menu for this week:::
M: Omelettes & salad
T: Lemon chicken, steamed broccoli, quinoa
W: Turkey tacos
Th: Root beer pulled pork (Crock Pot), mac & cheese, green beans, salad
F: Soup and sandwiches/salad
S: Pizza Night! Not sure if it will be homemade or take-out…

On my to do list:::
~ Organize all of my Cub Scout paperwork in a binder
~ Wash the floors
~ Drop off donations at Goodwill
(You will notice that for once laundry is NOT on this list – yay!)

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating::: I’m making a checkerboard cushion for Noah’s bed right now. I will immediately follow that up with a similar cushion for Jake’s bed! And I’m working on some 4-panel welding beanies for my dad.

Homemaking Tips::: Use Dawn as a pre-treater to help remove just about any stain. If you get it right away, it almost always comes out!

Looking around the house:::  Lunch boxes and school notes on the counter, a stuffed animal “party” in the den, lazy late afternoon sunlight through my kitchen window.

From the camera:::
Iron Man fingerless mitts I made for Drew. I don’t think I shared this here! (PS, are you on Instagram? My username is carolbee26 if you want to follow me!)

Finished up my husband's Iron Man mitts. He can't wait to wear them to the comic book store :-)

Hope your week is off to a great start!


  1. Sandra says:

    Working at the local library. That has to be one of the best jobs in the world….I would enjoy something like that 🙂

    Your menu looks so good for this week.
    Love the mitts, those are cool looking!

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