Happy New Year

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Well this week has certainly flown by. I didn’t meant to disappear all week, but honestly I just got so caught up in other things that by the time I thought about my blog, I didn’t even feel like booting up the laptop. It was a week of getting back into a schedule, back to school, back to work.

It was also freezing cold this week, which added to my desire to just crawl under blankets in my free time. Yesterday morning around 9:15 I went out briefly, and according to my car’s thermometer, it was 5 chilling degrees outside. The wood stove has been roaring, tea kettle constantly whistling, and comfort food has been on the menu.

In between grocery shopping, taking down and storing Christmas decorations, cleaning, and reorganizing (ah, that bug hits every January — today I completely rearranged my cupboards) I have done a little crochet. Just some simple, colorful washcloths. Poor Noah… his pillow is still unfinished in my bag. But this weekend. I swear this weekend I will finish it up!

The start of a new year just sets my mind on this crazy trajectory of about 8 million different project ideas. I don’t know what it is, but I suddenly have plans for blankets and doll clothes and home decorating projects. I have to constantly whisper to myself, one thing at a time. Still, it’s good to feel inspired. I just need to keep myself in check.

Well, I’m off to enjoy a quiet at-home weekend. No plans, no where to go, and I’m quite happy about it! Hope you all enjoy a relaxing weekend, too!

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Janet @ Frugal & Focused

    Happy New Year! I always want to organize when a new year rolls around. And I have been so inspired with new projects. I think I need to start an art journal. And yes, one thing at a time is something I have to remind myself as well.


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