Happy Hour

It’s well after 5, finally. Today I decided to try a new cocktail. I found the recipe in the current (March 2007) issue of Food & Wine magazine. Do you like vanilla? Do you like bourbon? (I’m looking at you, Miss Lisanne!). Then this is for you. I couldn’t find a lemon since the boys were tossing it around like a ball earlier this afternoon, so I had to do without a garnish. Though in hindsight, I could have thrown a marachino cherry in there. Anyway… The recipe:

Indian Summer

1.5 oz. Bianco vermouth
1.5 oz. bourbon (I used Maker’s Mark)

Fill pint glass 2/3 with ice. Add vermouth and bourbon. Stir. Strain into cocktail glass. Garnish with lemon twist.

2 Replies to “Happy Hour”

  1. ohhh Carol that sounds good lol… I think I will have to make that for Jeremy hehehe… hey I lost all my e-mail address when my hard drive died… shoot me an email please hehehe… and I love that glass… where did you get that at!

  2. Yeah, cool glass! OMG, that looks *so* good. It’s only 9:53 a.m. ~ too early for one? hehe 🙂

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