Half Empty/Half Full

Well, my day didn’t start out well today. It began with the realization that my laptop is, for all intents and purposes, fried. As if the great tea-spillage debacle of February 2007 wasn’t enough, it now has become so infested with some nasty virus or something that there is nothing to do except wipe the whole thing out. So I will be spending the better part of this evening and tomorrow attempting to salvage photos, movies, old blog archives that had been c/p into Word, and a few other things.


Then, I couldn’t find my keys and was already running late. I had to use Drew’s. (My keys were later found… in the couch. Gee, I wonder how they got there? Certainly not because children were running around them with.) Then, as I was attempting to leave, Noah smeared applesauce all over my shirt, so I quickly had to change, thus making me even later. And it’s Monday, it’s been a crappy, rainy day, and I was tired to begin with.

So no, the day did not start out well. But happily, it has improved. Some payments have rolled into my PayPal account. I finally was able to get a copy of Fast Food Nation on PaperBackSwap.com. And I found yet another high school friend over on MySpace. Things improved! Let’s hope the rest of my evening stays on the upswing.

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  1. I hope that your day ended up being *really* good. I’m sorry that you had kind of a rough time today. 🙁 I spent the entire day cleaning, basically. Not too fun. Plus, I have a freelance assignment due ASAP ~ just what I need after a trip! And … my inlaws are coming this weekend and staying for a week. LOTS to do!!!

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